Memorial de l’Exèrcit Popular

In Pujalt from small we played among the remains of refuges, holes, stone stacks … without knowing too much what they represented and when we asked what that was, they told us “this is war, better not to speak.”

The Spanish Civil War, from 1936 to 1939, was like all wars a collective tragedy that marked life, longings, future projects of the generations that lived and suffered it. Likewise, those born a few years later, we find a dictatorial and incorrigible Spain and with a Catalonia deprived of its culture and its historical rights.

What a few years ago was a dream, a very ambitious project for Pujalt, now it is a reality.

Those structures of the past war, piles of stones, shelters in the mountain … with which the children played and which for some were distant memories of childhood, have been recovered and have become witness to the experiences of an entire generation. These remains are also a tribute to all those who directly suffered the tragic events from 1936 to 1939.