Torre de la Manresana

La Torre de la Manresana is a watchtower located in the center of Manresana in the Prats de Rei municipality of the Anoia region. It is a building declared a cultural asset of national interest.
It is a cylindrical watchtower of Romanesque origin and the only element in good condition that is preserved in the old medieval medieval castle. Its privileged location allowed to visually control a good part of the landscape of the area and was key in the functions of surveillance of the territory. Its height and its enclosure allow to enjoy a splendid view and a spectacular panoramic view of the Anoia region, with the Prats de rei belfries, Calaf and the towers of the Castle of Boixadors standing out on the horizon. It should be noted that the access door is 11 meters high and accessed by an outer staircase.

BV-1031, km 1,7
08281 Els Prats de Rei, Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 869 84 62