Art Esteve

Casa Lladò s/n
08281 – Dusfort
Tel. +34 681 246 533

The hand and creativity are constant values that are present in the pieces.

Veciana Cheese

Cal Jaume Gran
08289 – Segur de Veciana (Anoia)
Tel. +34 93 868 03 31

Veciana Cheese is an agricultural exploitation specialized in the production of products derived from goat’s milk.

Lilà Cosmetics

Tel. +34 93 869 89 98

Lilà Cosmetics is a modern laboratory located in the heart of Catalonia, in the small town of Aleny, surrounded by forests of oaks and fields of cereals. In this privileged environment we have found the peace of mind necessary to create and manufacture all kinds of natural cosmetics.

Sikarra Nostra – Agrobotiga

Tel. +34 973 29 44 38 / +34 666 866 220

Sikarra Nostra encompasses two facets to promote the values of the territory of the Central Plateau.